Icom RS-MS3W 控制软件


Version  Version 1.30   Update  2019/05/10




Major changes


The UDP Hole Punch function is usable.
(Even if the port cannot be opened on your router, or the global IP address is not assigned to your router, you can use the Access Point or Terminal modes to contact D-STAR stations operating in the Access Point or Terminal modes.)

-You still need to open the ports to receive calls from other D-STAR stations.

-Depending on your network environment, this function may not be usable.

-You cannot receive responses from stations using D-STAR repeaters.



  • Download and unzip the “RS-MS3W_1.30.zip” file.
  • Double-click the “RS-MS3W_1.30.exe” file, then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • After installation, read the RS-MS3W instruction manual for operation details. Download the instruction manual here.